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Jrotc problems..


I hate taking the decoration off my uniform…. I know I need to clean it, and I know I’ll be putting it back on… but that’s the problem…. I have to realign it…..:’(

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We were walking outside of the con when a bunch of these JROTC guys were doing something at the convention center. I felt someone tap my shoulder, i turned around and THEY DID THE SALUTE IN UNISON. IT WAS THE COOLEST THING EVER AND I GOT A PICTURE WITH THEM. I LOVE HUMANITY
My Crush... (Personal Story)


So, I am in AFJROTC (Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps… It basically teaches me things about the Air Force) at my High School, and I have had a crush on my Flight Commander (the student in charge of the class) since I have joined the program. I am a Freshman, and he is a Junior. I…

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Do you ever just stare at really attractive people and think “how”

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i wanna be pinned up against a wall


not exactly what I had in mind

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